Short Background

DotVPS Began in the mid period of 2011, we are a privately financed company, with a few simple goals. Our support staff all go through intensive training to ensure they are able to serve you in the best way possible, We aim to make your experience as seamless as possible, without issues.

Our company mission is to create the best quality hosting available on the planet. We strive to meet our never down guarantee.

From the dedicated support team, to the personal assistance, at DotVPS, we put the customers first, without compromising service, uptime and other key factors.

Our Datacenter


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Our Staff

We have a small, but dedicated team of staff at DotVPS, who are Available thruought the day and night, ready to assist you, if you would like more information about our staff team, feel free to contact us via email.

Career Opportunities

We are looking for people who want a career in customer service/technical support and who want to be the best in the web hosting industry, our dedicated support team are looking for a keen individual to join the family.

We are currently seeking employees who have a strong knowledge with Linux operating systems, and work well with a team, duties include providing daily support to customers, as well as adhering to policies set by senior staff.

Our Premises

The Data Center in Scranton, PA, USA is a high security facility. Double metal security doors, with interior gating, which secure the main entrance to the building. The windows-less facility has advanced security, fire, temperature, and flood alarms, directly piped into the Security Monitoring Company via phone, cellular, and internet connections.

A Scranton Police Station is less than two blocks away, and a Fire Station less than six blocks. A 16-camera digital video system monitors the interior and exterior of the Data Center. This video system is monitored internally at the facility and externally. The video data is recorded live both on and off site, and stored for several months ahead. Visitors cannot gain access into the facility without employee escort. The physical servers and equipment area is secured from the visitor's area by huge metal doors, as well as metal sheeting and bulletproof glass walls.